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Congrats! It's a memoir.


For years, I shared stories about living in Central China from 2006-2011 with friends and family. They would often say, "You should write a book." As a journalist, I'd seen my name in print thousands of times and didn't feel the need. But then in 2015, a couple of friends challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and take on a task that I felt was daunting: a memoir. I set up a writing schedule and found an editor, but like a lot of projects, life got in the way, and the book was moved to the backburner until a pandemic suddenly gave me extra time on my hands. On September 24, 2020, I signed a contract with W. Brand Publishing for the publication of my memoir, Unbound Feet: Finding Freedom in Communist China. In a way, it seems very fitting that it would take five years to finish a project that covers five years of my life.


So much to do. Who knew?


After my final edits, I admit that I thought the hard work was done. I was wrong. There were still more edits to come, and I've also found myself needing to learn about website creation, social-media promotion, and generating publicity. Thanks for joining me on this journey. Please, click the icons below to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Got you covered


There are few things in life I enjoying more than smelling a new book, but I found another, and it's seeing your own name on a book. I was very excited to see a cover idea for my China memoir. Here are a few of my favorite snippets. 


You're on Kindle!


While the release date was moved up to Feb. 2, the bigger news was my memoir being available for pre-order on Kindle. And the bigger news of the day was people were actually already clicking and reserving a copy. Best. Day. Ever. 

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